Business Privacy

Business Privacy is a premier Suppression List Company.  We manage suppression lists for numerous marketing companies.

We do NOT do marketing, we only manage suppression lists – A suppression list is a list that gets suppressed when a marketing company does marketing.

You might think of it as an opt out list, or a do not market list.  When a company we work with does a marketing campaign and users “raise their hand” and request not to be marketed to any more, we collect that data and then ensure that that user is removed from any future marketing campaigns by that marketing company.

Removal can take as much as 10 business days, depending on how often the marketing company refreshes the list from us, but for most companies it happens in 48 hours or less.

If you received a message from a company we work with, there should be an opt out link at the bottom of the message.  If you click that link and and opt out, it will remove you from future marketing campaigns.

If for some reason this is not working, you can use the contact us form on our site and we can ensure that you are manually removed from all campaigns.

Alternatively as a free service we can also remove you from all lists of all the companies that we work with, you can also use the contact form on our site for this.

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